Digital Marketing

Over 4 years experience in the Digital Marketing industry, mastering multiple channels effectively. Currently a Senior SEO Analyst at Oban International, working with large multinational companies in many markets.

My Experience

Search Engine Optiomisation

I am a search engine optimisation specialist with over 4 years experience. This involves mastering international, technical and on-page SEO techniques. I have worked in over 30 markets for over 20 global or national clients. My main responsibilities are creating and carrying out SEO strategies whilst training clients and colleagues on the world of SEO.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a huge part of SEO. I have created an implemented content strategies for a number of SMB and Enterprise companies within multiple industries. Adaption to each industry is important to identify gaps and create high quality content. This included a 450% growth in a 12 month period for a small ecommerce business.

Paid Media

I have created successful social and search paid ads for a variety of SMB’s. I have experience with paid platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google. This has been done on an in-house and freelance basis, whilst also educating clients on the basics of paid media and the simple strategies that can be used for their small businesses.

Clients worked on
Markets Worked in
Years Experience

Clients I have worked with

I have worked with a mix of SMB and large global businesses. With some being in my current role, and others being from freelance work or a previous role.